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From the main menu of your MEEP!X2, tap the MEEP! Store icon located on the left-hand menu to open the MEEP! Store application.











The homepage gives you access to the different categories of products available in the store: My Apps (a), Media (b), Games (c), Apps (d), E-books (e).


It will also highlight some specific titles or promotions (f).


The “My Apps” section (a) will help you to manage your downloaded and pre-loaded content


1. Tap “Uninstall” (a1) to uninstall a Game/App/Ebook from your MEEP!X2

2. Tap on “Install” (a2) to install on your MEEP!X2 some content previously downloaded from the Store

3. Tap on “Recover” to install a pre-loaded app/game that has been previously removed from your MEEP!X2

4. Tap on “Recover all” to install all the pre-loaded content in once after a factory reset or if you have previously removed it from your MEEP!X2


The number of MEEP! coins currently available in the child account is indicated at the top left corner of the home page (g).



Accessory Games


If you have purchased a MEEP!X2 Accessory, you can redeem the bundle games for this accessory here.


Tap "Coupon" (h) to enter the code provided in the accessory box. You will be informed if your code is incorrect or has already been used. Once you enter a correct code, you will be able to download the three corresponding games for your accessory.











Return to the homepage at any time by tapping the MEEP! Store icon (a).


Tap the image of the product (b) to access the product page (see next page).

Tap the icon below the image of the product to download the product and access the confirmation page (see page xx).

There are two categories of product: Free (c); for purchase with MEEP! coins (d). You will always be informed of the category before you complete a transaction.


View more products by clicking on the arrow (e).

For products already downloaded, the download button will be replaced by an "Install” button. You can sort and select the content by different categories by tapping on “Sort by Category” (f) or “Sort by Price” (g).













You will find all details about the selected product on the individual product pages, including:


a) Name of the product

b) Name of the developer

c) Download button indicating the price in MEEP! coins, if any

d) Screenshots (click on the arrows to see more)

e) Description of the product



The MEEP! Team will sometimes recommend specific games that have been carefully reviewed by us. The recommended games/apps will have a specific icon at the top right corner of the product page (f).


For products already downloaded, the “Download” button will be replaced by "Install".











This page will allow you to review all details about the transaction before you confirm your decision:

a) Price in MEEP! coins, if any

b) Amount of coins available will be shown before and after the purchase


Depending on the parental setting:


a) Users have to request approval from a parent/supervisor before downloading a product (for paid products as well as free products) by clicking on "Confirm" . The download button will display "Waiting" until approval has been granted by the parent/supervisor

b) Users can tap the "Confirm" button to proceed directly with the purchase and download the product (provided that there are enough coins in the account).



Once an item has been purchased, it will start downloading on the MEEP!X2. An error message will be displayed if there is no storage space or if there is any other problem (e.g. storage full, no Wi-Fi connection, etc.). Users can return to the product page and tap "Install" after solving the issue.









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