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Q: What accessories are available for MEEP!X2?

A: We will have colored sleeves available in different colors. We will also have a whole host of hardware accessories to round out the MEEP!X2 Experience including MEEP!X2 Headphones, a MEEP!X2 Docking station, a MEEP!X2 Travel Kit, a MEEP!X2 Piano, MEEP!X2 Drums, a MEEP!X2 Keyboard, and a MEEP!X2 HDMI cable.

Please visit for more info.


Q: Do the accessories come with their own apps?

A: Only the MEEP!X2 Piano, MEEP!X2 Drum, and MEEP!X2 Keyboard come with a coupon code that will allow you to download free games and apps that are specific to the accessories (4 games for the Piano and Drum accessories and 1 App for the Keyboard).


Q: Can I use the accessories to play all games and apps?

A: No, the accessories are to be used with their specific games that we have been developing especially for them, so as to ensure the best compatibility and gameplay possible. Those games can be downloaded by using the Coupon code that be found inside each accessory’s packaging.






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